Hey hey everyone! :)

It's Mailgirl101 here. I am back. :]

I just posted videos on my Youtube and I thought
that I must share some with you.

The first one is where you can end up with a result like this:

Just a simple realistic dress.
If you are interested in speed-up making of this, watch this video below:

I think it turned out well. But this is really
a simple dress and a simple base. If you work like this and get used to it, you
might be doing feel by then.

And here is another video!

How to: Draw hair for your stardoll graphics.

I will add it soon, and will add a description too. :]

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Btw, you can find more graphic tutorials on my youtube. They are old,
I can do better but if you are a newbie to graphics, it might help you. :]



*click* :]

I just made a little graphic [Well,not that much of a graphic.]
with a versace dress. Go to official versace homepage/website, and in latest collections, you will find this blue-long dress!
And I could have done it better.. I didn't have time to finish the background!


I got my tablet.. YES!

Hello everyone.. I am back again..
I have been working with my tablet,it's AMAZING, if you are a great drawer, you must get one for yourself.
At first, It was difficult, when you draw like 3 hours a day, you get used to it..
I am using A Trust Tablet and adobe photoshop elements 7. [Perfect for graphics and tablets.] Okay, enough about it..
I was designing lately.. and I think that I will make a blog with my OWN designs..
Here are 3 examples.. and honestly, i dont know what will I do with them next..
Maybe I will get a graphic designer and I will have like an own clothing line.. or maybe something else?
What do you think about them?
Which one is your favorite..?
As you can see, I will have a collection each season.. and each season i will have a new theme.. or maybe not?
This seasons theme is Glitter....

Stardoll: Mailgirl101
MSN: Lolrofllmao123
Skype: Katsumy.
e-mail: Katabe@inbox.lv

I hope you guys like it..
please comment and let me know what should I fix.. :]


Guess what? :)

Hey again guys!
I have some pretty good news.
As I promised that Im back, yeah,but..
...you already know it..
I got my Tablet today!
I dont know why, but my father just came back home and gave it to me. :)
I am going to start learning now, but you guys just wait a second - it's not that easy to draw on it. :)
I will have to learn a bit and then [maybe!] I will draw something for you guys.
Of course, I also have my Deviantart channel updated whenever I draw something.

Yeah guys, hang in there! :)


Hello everyone once again!

Hey everyone!
I have great news - I am back.
Well, as I can say, Enough ready to make some graphics.
And here are some more great graphics..
I got a new drawing program [Well, It isn't new, but it's more profesional, and many people say it's good for graphics.] Adobe Photoshop Elements 7!
And also.. here are the best best best news!
My parents will give my birthday money so I can buy a tablet. I will be able to draw with my pencil on computer. And Btw, I draw good! ;D [ That was not bragging. ]
I think it will be here next week, so.. :]

Keep being here guys. I know it may take time..