Get free gifts - from me!

Hey everyone!
You see, there is this picture on the right corner.
Yes, please join that link. That's an on-line game based on walking,talking,having parties and of course - having an avatar and dressing it up.
Please join it, its fun. If you will, here is what you have to do:

Click that picture -> Click on 'Play' button -> Choose a character,a girl or a boy. -> you will be entered into oW. On the downer toolbar, there is 'save button'. Click on it -> Save your character! Name, it and fill information. -> Now - at the link on left corner there is the flow metter. Spend those 10 flows and get some prizes, coins etc. Play games, draw on splatter box, go shopping! Have fun! Once you get some more flow by doing that [ check the flow metter - full circle - one flow!] spend them. Once you spend flow, you gain levels! -> More levels - more stuff to open and do!

And now, this is what I give!
Get to 5 level - a superstar gift!
level 10 - A banner!
level 15 and more - a full graphic!

To get your prize, you have to write your ourWorld nickname and Stardoll Nickname in comments of the post.

And in time the gifts will be in your suite, graphic will be made and published here!! Thanks guys, I love you all!

Dont forget to join the fun! (:

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  1. During the summer I joined OurWorld. I forgot the username and password, so I can't get on anymore, but I know I was at level 6 or so.