2 new graphics

It's Catlover103 again! I made 2 new graphics. To make it I use only Paint (Old version). Microsoft Word, and Corel Paint Shop Pro. I only use Corel for getting the picture cropped. Ten, I cut and paste the cropped image into Paint. As I said earlier, it's hard for me to do poofy skirts. I did find a way, though. I just cut and pasted the dress in and cut off the arms of the medoll (Gruesome, I know.) Then you put the dres on and put the arms back on however you like them. Nothing fancy, like face work and hair. I did remove the beauty mark on my medoll's face, though. And make the skin a bit nicer.

For this  one, I was experimenting and made it look like she's jumping for joy/falling through the air after being pushed off of a luxury penthouse apartment's balcony. (I'm really weird, right?)

More later... I hope...

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