Hey hey everyone! :)

It's Mailgirl101 here. I am back. :]

I just posted videos on my Youtube and I thought
that I must share some with you.

The first one is where you can end up with a result like this:

Just a simple realistic dress.
If you are interested in speed-up making of this, watch this video below:

I think it turned out well. But this is really
a simple dress and a simple base. If you work like this and get used to it, you
might be doing feel by then.

And here is another video!

How to: Draw hair for your stardoll graphics.

I will add it soon, and will add a description too. :]

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Btw, you can find more graphic tutorials on my youtube. They are old,
I can do better but if you are a newbie to graphics, it might help you. :]

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